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 EP9C'12 | Championship Rules

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PostSubject: EP9C'12 | Championship Rules   Thu 03 May 2012, 05:08

1.1 To play for quick uprating and run away after one game without replay is prohibitive
1.2 To play the start trick shot in 9 ball with a 1 shot win and to run away without a replay is prohibitive
1.3 Playing with stolen accounts is prohibitive

2.1 Insulting, flaming or injuring other members of the lobby (the general chat room of the group) is prohibitive
2.2 Off topic chat in the lobby like everyday talk is forbidden. Only invitations and organization of games are allowed
2.1 The use of obscene words, abbreviations or symbols (like f***, F@k , (_!_), or similar) is prohibitive
2.2 Writing in capital letters (big letters only) in chats of the lobby is prohibitive
2.3 Any drawings or symbols (like °°, ,,,---, @@, or similar) in chats of the lobby are prohibitive
2.4 Any kind of flooding or spaming in any room or any game is prohibitive

3.1 Nick names with flooding, insulting, aggressive, rasistic or obscene content are prohibitive
3.2 Cloned nick names (a complete copy of the nick, picture and flag of a well-known player) are prohibitive
3.3 Nick names which includes: HOT, MSN, CAM, GIRL, SEXY, love or any combinations of these words are prohibitive

5.1 The official Forum language is english without any Net-speak or abbreviations
5.2 Insulting, flaming or injuring other members of the forum is prohibitive
5.3 User nick names with flooding, insulting, aggressive, rasistic or obscene content are prohibitive
5.4 Words or symbols in the posts with insulting, aggressive, rasistic or obscene content are prohibitive
5.5 Writing in capital letters (big letters only) is prohibitive
5.6 Upload and showing of images or videos with aggressive, brutal, rasistic or obscene content is prohibitive
5.7 Flooding your posts, especially with smileys ( 1, 2... 10000..etc) is prohibitive
5.8 A new topic must show in subject a concrete title, which describes the content shortly (for example "Suggestions for rules")
5.9 Any user, who plays in a tournament and violates the rules of the forum, maybe disqualified from the tournament
5.10 Respect all GameZer Club religions and don't inject religious in the controversiesdont and who will involve in this will be punished 2 months.

- The tournaments take in Gamezer.
- Registration must be done correctly by the player and official.
- With the registration the players agree with tournament rules, which are published in the Forum GzClub.
- All tournament games are played without a guide. If a player invite you to a tournament game with a guide, reject.
- In the case of a bad contact of a mouse button, the opponent may be a sign of fair play to put the ball back to its original position, but in the case of taking advantage of this situation by putting the ball in a different position player to lose him to departure.
- If the organizers suspect, discover, or believe that the player or players that are disrupting the game has something to do with any of the teams involved, the team will be penalized according to the discomfort that your friend may have caused.

Account for Championship:

- Each player is allowed to play in the tournament with just one account.
- Any player of the tournament is allowed to play only with their ID registered.
- The nickname for each player participant must show only ASCII characters.
- The player must play with the flag of your country.
- The player has to play with your registered account until he finishes the tournament.
- It is forbidden to hide the flag or nickname, the player can not play without showing the correct flag and / or without your registered nickname.
- In case of multiple accounts of the same player, you must use only the highest score for the Championship!

ASCII characters

- When the game starts, all visitors of the game must remain silent.
- If a player raises an objection, the referee must decide what to do.
- The use of mentoring programs is strictly prohibited. If this abuse is discovered you will be immediately disqualified.
- Insulting the opponent or the judge is strictly prohibited. If this happens, the moderator can send off the player who insulted the competition the evidence presented to the organizers.
- Any player who violates the rules of fair play GzClub Forum, may be disqualified from the tournament without any explanation or discussion.
- In case of discovery of shared account in the tournament disqualification is mandatory.
- In case of discovery of a higher account, the player is automatically out of the league.

- If the yellow ball entered from the first shot-the first strike-, it will not be acounted.(NEW)
- If a player disconnects 3 or more times, he loses the game.
- With only the last ball is on the table for any of the players, the table will be counted as a defeat for the player to disconnect.
- If a player deliberately touching the ball other than the ball set, or
deliberately internalization of white in the hole, you will lose the frame​. (NEW)
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EP9C'12 | Championship Rules
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