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 [Staff Recruitment Summer 2012]

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PostSubject: [Staff Recruitment Summer 2012]   Thu 05 Jul 2012, 08:43

If you feel capable of abusing your powers, abusing players and enjoy the game, do not you worry about their questions but also to be able to mow down the horde without remorse raucous army of his torch and its fork this message is for you!
You be the terrible still in possession of your whip, who takes pleasure in clubbing the widows and orphans out of pure sadism we need you .... Oh wait, I think I'm rambling and that we move away from the reality of the role of moderator.

To become a tad seriously, we réouvrons applications moderators for two reasons: to prevent the peak traffic arriving during the summer holidays, but also to fill our future exceptional and beautiful community.
The question gnawing at you all is: But what are the roles and functions of a moderator?
Foremost thing is the thankless task of moderating the chat. Ie enforce politeness and courtesy when you are at and if necessary punish players terrorists.
It is also enforcing the rules of the community, and prevent possible abuse usebug some crooks try to commit.
This goes also for the help given to players, whether to refer the new or to answer questions from the community.
On the other hand, it is a constant exchange with the GameMasters, by tracing the abuse / slippages, or participating in tournaments with them.
To generalize is to be moderator of the height relative to its single player up, think first of the server instead of its affinities. Is to have responsibilities that can be heavy and which lead to consequences. It is finally a place in the sense that you will be an intermediary between the GM and players, which includes a notion of trust beyond all doubt.

You understand, be moderator does not mean seeing a preview of all the new server, protecting his little friends and wreak vengeance on his adversaries. It is your responsibility to prove yourself during a test phase to demonstrate your skills to this role.

I will look to recruit staff who personally deserve to incorporate, serious, motivated and active are the qualities that take place first to think of applying to this grade.

I invite anyone to apply, even new, but new I can accept I leave a week of test and if I find they are inactive, they rank perderont moderator.
For older players who vontpostulé, I will first see their activity on the forum if I judge someone they may be moderating, it is they will.

I do everything here to the correct forum dévellopement.

So you can apply for the following grades:

-Moderator (what section?)

We ask a great many players active please.

If you feel able to take care of all this, fill out this form is the task you need to do before anything else.

Your availability:
Grade you want to look:

Thank you
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[Staff Recruitment Summer 2012]
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